"The Squid and Lure - The Barrel Buster" Tuna & Marlin Dredge Bar Teaser

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Recommended position for trolling is the shot gun or the long rigger. Run the teaser on the rod with the hooked lure on it

The purpose of this teaser is to:

  • Exciting fish to bite more aggressively and to bring fish to the lures from a greater distance and depth than single lures.
  • To position lures deeper in the water column.
  • Create greater drag so that lures remain in position in rough seas and strong

    • 500mm Long 3.18mm Diameter 316 Stainless Steel Bar
    • Center Leader 250lb Mono , 200lb Wing leaders
    • Entice 10 inch Scud Skirted Lure
    • 9 x 7 inch Solid Squid
    • 320lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel
    • Teaser Bag
    • Please note lure colours 05 and 08 are currently not available

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